Hong Kong is now the main hub for wine in Asia


Hong Kong does not have the weather for growing grapes, yet it is home to a significant number of experienced fine wine merchants with good wine knowledge and international wine trade experience. The number grew significantly after February 2008 when the Hong Kong government removed all duty-related customs and administrative controls for wine. The purpose of removing duty was to develop Hong Kong as a wine trading and distribution center for the region, particularly the Chinese mainland. Hong Kong is now the main hub for wine in Asia and second in the world to New York.

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At winebuzz.hk we support Hong Kong’s continued growth and success in the wine industry. We love wine and we love sharing our passion with others as we continue to meet winemakers and taste great wines. Our website provides information to those who would like to know more. We have a background as Sommeliers in some of the best restaurants and courses at the Court of Master Sommeliers. We have also worked on the vineyard and cellars of great farmers and producers, giving us respect for what winemakers achieve.

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    Wine can be enjoyed on its own, but new flavours can be experienced when paired with different foods, for example you can increase the heat sensation of spices with a wine with an alcohol volume of at least 15. That and many other wine and food pairings are suggested%…

  • Wine history

    With a history that goes back centuries, archaeologists have found evidence that wine was made in China as far back as 7,000– 6,600 BC when the ancient tribes from Jiahu, Henan Province, in the Yellow River Valley of China made a wine from rice, honey and fruit which was stored in earthenware jars…

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    Wine from grapes has been a more recent beverage in Asia and we provide details of the technologies used in making wines and the science behind advances in creating wines that store well, age beautifully and provide the taste sensation and aroma that you can expect from the grape…

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    Storage of wine is important, particularly for investors, so we have a section focused on the wine cellar business, an industry that ensures the wine is kept in optimal conditions whilst being stored, whilst also giving information about how best to store wine at home…

The Hong Kong International Wine and Spirits Fair event

International wine events and destinations

Whilst we have shared some great international wine events and holiday destinations with a focus on wine, Hong Kong also offers seminars, wine tastings, receptions and food pairings as well as trade fairs which support new wines and labels launches. The Hong Kong International Wine and Spirits Fair and the Outdoor Wine & Dine Festival in October, a four-day celebration at Hong Kong Harbour's West Kowloon waterfront district which begins a month of food and wine events all over Hong Kong are well worth a visit.

The event is a chance to taste some of the world’s finest wines, including some or Bordeaux’s finest vintages, with tastings of a 1983 Chateau Lynch-Bages and a 1983 Chateau La Mission Haut-Brion. There are also food and wine pairing sessions with dishes prepared by Michelin starred chefs from Hong Kong and France.

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    Around the globe, vintners and wine experts are on hand to celebrate…

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    Here will look at some of the best wine destinations around the world…

Wine in Hong Kong

Wine imports into China from Hong Kong are under enhanced customs measures, giving the city an unrivalled gateway to China and attracting industry players from around the world to launch or expand their business in Hong Kong. As a duty-free port itself, Hong Kong is regarded as the most cost-effective and convenient distribution hub to store wines for delivery on-demand.

In the first half of 2017, imports of wine amounted to HKD5.7 billion, more than three times of the value of HKD1.6 billion in 2007. Most of the imported wines originated from European countries, though there has been an increase in share from Australia more recently.

High-value, investment grade wines are usually sold through auctions organised by international auction houses including Sotheby’s and Christie's and Hong Kong is now one of the largest wine auction centres in the world with the value of wines due to increase in value by 9.8% per year until 2021, with trade to China forecast to grow 10.4% a year to 2021.

Where to wine and dine in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a fascinating destination for your next holiday, even without the food and wine, but add to your adventure by tasting fine wines from across the world paired with some excellent cuisine put together by culinary masters in beautiful surroundings, including stunning views. Here are just a few of our recommendations if you are looking for somewhere to enjoy the very best that Hong Kong has to offer:

La Cabane a Vin
La Cabane is Hong Kong’s first wine cellar
Hong Kong’s first wine cellar located on Hollywood Road in the Central District is our first recommendation. These specialists offer a wide range of organic wines and excellent food. Our recommendation is to try their Domaine Jaulin-Plaisantin or Bernard Baudry
Amber is listed over the last seven years in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants
Listed over the last seven years in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants, this two-star Michelin restaurant in the Central district offers adventurous French cuisine based on classical techniques in a stunning dining area that is as amazing as the food and wine. The experienced sommelier’s will help you find the best wine pairings from their selection of 980 top quality wines from across the globe. They also have a Private Wine Room for celebrations
22 Ships
22 ships is the best choice when you can’t get a reservation elsewhere
If you can’t get a reservation elsewhere, the no-reservation policy Tapas Bar on Hong Kong Island is run by Michelin starred Chef Jason Atherton and has an amazing list of wines, Spanish beers and spirits. On its own, there are 16 Spanish sherries to choose from, that go perfectly with Tapas. They also offer a range of sangria as you eat the signature Iberico and Foie Gras Burgers or the much-loved lamb shoulder slow-cooked in cumin served with baba ganoush. The goat’s cheese ice-cream is also worth a try
Le Tambour
22 ships is the best choice when you can’t get a reservation elsewhere
For an authentic French experience, Le Tambour is a warm and cosy bar with some of the best wines in Hong Kong. Try their sweet gewürztraminer from Vallee Noble Seppi Landmann or if you like something drier, ask for their Grenache Blanc from Mas des Tannes. You can sample different wines as they offer by-the-glass options, which include collections like La Forge Estate Pinot Noir whilst you enjoy excellent food and live music.
Cafe Gray Deluxe Bar
22 ships is the best choice when you can’t get a reservation elsewhere
Located on the 49th floor of the Upper House Hotel by Victoria Harbour’s stunning views, Café Gray Deluxe Bar offers modern European dining using organic seasonal ingredients for his signature dishes. One highly recommended wine and food pairing is Pinot Grigio from La Tunella in Italy with Ravioli or an Austrian Sauvignon Blanc-tasting white wine with Skate Wing.