Winemaker Spotlight: Paul Hein From PB Hein Vineyards

Tuesday. 3 August. 2010. 9:38 am

Winebuzz speaks to the award-winning wine-maker about what makes his wine so different.

Californian wine-maker Paul Hein was in town recently to promote his wine. The Napa Valley native is over six feet two and wears a cowboy hat, reminding us of television show Gun Smoke’s Matt Dillon, played by actor James Arness. Jokingly, Paul referred to himself as a “Redneck in Hong Kong!”

Born an avid wine lover, Paul didn’t begin to produce his own wine until after he retired. Paul comes from a family of winemakers, his great grandfather was one of the first grape growers in California. In 2002, Paul purchased 47 acres above Saint Helena and started his own small winery, PB Hein Vineyard and found great success producing quality, award-winning wines using “old school” wine making techniques.

WineBuzz: Describe your wine-making style, how is it different from other winemakers in Napa Valley?

Paul Hein: It’s much more of a hands-on, non-mechanical operation. It would be hard for the big boys to do that but I’m not the big boys and I really enjoy the time working with the wine. For example, I make my wine in small lots, the largest batch we produced to date is only 400 casese and I use bin fermentation instead of huge stainless steel vats.

WineBuzz: You have won a lot of awards for your Cabernet Sauvignon, what is it about your wine that gives it its amazing, award-winning quality?

Paul Hein: Because we are so hands-on, we get better fruit retention during the process so that we actually retain more of the character of the fruit. When you pump and beat the grapes with mechanical pumps, the normal rough handling process you find at most wineries, you lose the essence of the grape.

Our Carbernet Sauvignon have been described as being velvety and full bodied with a long tannic finish. Paul currently makes a Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Charbono and a Syrah Rose.

His award-wining wines include:

2010 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition

  • Gold – 2006 Suisun Valley Syrah
  • Gold – 2005 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Silver – 2004 Napa Valley Charbono

2009 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition

  • Gold – 2005 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

2008 West Coast Wine Competition

  • Gold – 2005 Napa Valley Syrah, Lyons Vineyard

Where to buy?

  • Altruistic Boutique Wines are distributors of PB Hein Vineyards in Hong Kong
  • Call Karin Ho at 9308 2228  or email at