The Verdict on Bordeaux 2012 En Primeur

Wednesday. 8 May. 2013. 10:00 am

Standout appellation and producers of Bordeaux 2012 En Primeur.

After a tempestuous year of poor weather and low yields, the critics have weighed in and noted that the Bordeaux 2012 En Primeur is surprisingly strong. Hong Kong-based Master of Wine, Jeannie Cho Lee, was pleased with what she tasted at Bordeaux. “Considering how weak rain-infected vintages can be in the past, the wines from 2012 are pleasantly good – soft, early drinking styles with charm.”

Standouts from this early stage in the 2012 vintage include top-end wines from the regions of Pessac, Pomerol and St.-Emilion. Yet, even with positive tasting reviews, many critiques believe that the 2012 en-primeur is overpriced, especially when there are older, ready-to-drink vintages now available at reasonable prices.

In a challenging year for wine growing in Bordeaux that was marked by heavy rains and high moisture, the Pomerol 2012 en-primeur recently won top marks virtually across the boards from critics who praised the expressiveness, clarity and colors of wines from the region. The Pomerol appellation is mostly home to small-sized growers who exclusively produce red wines, including Merlots, Cabernet Francs, Cabernet-Sauvignons and Malbecs. The region features ideal soil for growing Merlot grapes, and wines produced there are often noted for their richness and deep character.

Charles Chevallier, Director at the Chateau L’Évangile wine estate in the Pomerol appellation, notes that his vineyard was able to get excellent results in spite of last year’s difficult growing conditions. “We obtained a wine with a beautiful structure with the Merlots which were perfectly ripe and rich. The wine doesn’t have the same opulence 2009 and 2010. Yet, we succeeded in getting a well-rounded and balanced wine beautifully expressing the aromas of Merlot with a 10% blend of Cabernet Franc”

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