Chandon Ningxia: Möet Hennessy’s First Winery in China

Tuesday. 19 February. 2013. 10:30 am

Above ground fermentation cellars to produce premium sparkling wine.

Construction is underway for Möet Hennessy’s first winery in China, located in Ningxia, a remote location in the central north region that’s among the country’s top wine-growing areas. It’s a year-long project that will soon come to fruition in June 2013. And when complete, the Chandon Ningxia Winery stands as a 6,300 square metre complex built to house fermentation cellars, technical tasting rooms and a visitor centre all under one roof.

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Moet Hennessy To Produce Wine From Southern China

Friday. 24 February. 2012. 9:20 am

Moet Hennessy to grow grapes in China.

French wine and spirits maker Moet Hennessy aims to produce a super-premium red wine at the foot of the Himalayan mountains in southern China.

Moet-Hennessy has signed a deal with VATS, a major wine and spirits dealer in China to develop 30 hectares of vineyards in the mountainous region of Yunnan, at the foot of snow-capped Mount Meili in Deqin. Located at 2,400 metres altitude, the vineyard is expected to be producing main varietals used in Bordeaux red wine blends like Cabernet sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet franc grapes.

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Moët Hennessy and Hong Kong’s Most Prestigious Eateries Present “Wine with a View”

Monday. 16 November. 2009. 4:25 pm

A glass of wine and a tantalizing view is the perfect combination.


Estates & Wines of Moët Hennessey is collaborating with 6 of Hong Kong’s top rated restaurants and bars, to introduce the “Wine with a View” a promotion from now until end of December, 2009.

Revitalize your love of Hong Kong or see it for the first time as all participating outlets have panoramic views of the Victoria Harbour and the promotion will be uniquely tailored to the restaurant. Spasso, one of the several participants, will have a selection of up to eight wines. Each glass will allow you to discover the unique flavours of the “New World”. Azure has especially created a glass of red wine that pairs with a wine tasting menu.

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