Learning How to Cook with Michelin Chef Pascal Nibaudeau

Monday. 1 November. 2010. 12:55 pm

The Michelin chef shows us a few tricks at the Wine & Dine Festival.

Michelin Chef Pascal Nibaudeau’s cooking is all about creating sentiments and respecting fresh ingredients. It shows through his signature dish – Sea Bass Tartar – which was demonstrated and served in the Kitchen Session with Master Chefs session at the Hong Kong Wine and Dine Festival.

The dish includes sweet, fresh, and succulent sea bass and oysters; a coconut accented marshmallow, which gives the dish an interesting bite; light yet creamy and flavorful curried cream and mushroom soup; and refreshing coriander, thinly sliced radish and lemon peel. Paired with a dry white wine (2009 Château Barbé), the combination of flavors exudes elegance, complexity and harmony.

Although recreating the same dish at home could be challenging, there were a few useful tips we could learn from Chef Pascal:

Do not overwhelm your taste buds. Aim to hit a maximum of three out of four elements of taste perception in your tongue instead of hitting them all.

Never cook oysters. To retain the succulence and sweetness of the oysters in hot dishes, add them at the last minute

Mix the sea and the land. Don’t be afraid of mixing seafood and meat. One of Chef Pascal’s creations includes John Dori, truffle, and foie gras in red wine sauce.

At home, Chef Pascal rarely eats or cooks, but when he does, he takes pleasure in simple food, such as grilled sea bass with roasted potatoes or occasional orders of pizza. Chef Pascal enjoys his short stay in Hong Kong, especially his visit to the local market and eateries. Given the chance, he would love to work and experiment with local ingredients, especially seafood.

Story and photos by Rita Suttarno