Chandon Ningxia: Möet Hennessy’s First Winery in China

Tuesday. 19 February. 2013. 10:30 am

Above ground fermentation cellars to produce premium sparkling wine.

Construction is underway for Möet Hennessy’s first winery in China, located in Ningxia, a remote location in the central north region that’s among the country’s top wine-growing areas. It’s a year-long project that will soon come to fruition in June 2013. And when complete, the Chandon Ningxia Winery stands as a 6,300 square metre complex built to house fermentation cellars, technical tasting rooms and a visitor centre all under one roof.

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Tenuta Mara Mia: Embracing Biodynamics and Mozart in the Vineyard

Wednesday. 28 November. 2012. 10:31 am

Mara Mia’s winemaker in Hong Kong to promote their biodynamic wine.

Tenuta Mara Mia is a small vineyard in Romagna, Italy, which was started quite recently in 2000 by Giordano Emendatori in dedication to his wife Mara Emendatori.

Giordano set out to create wine in the most natural and non-interventionist ways possible, through biodynamic and organic production. They were recently in Hong Kong to promote their wine at a press dinner at Cuisine Cuisine.

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Important Chianti Classico Wine Producer: Barone Ricasoli

Monday. 26 November. 2012. 10:05 am

A pioneer in Chianti Classico.

Barone Ricasoli is one of the oldest family wine estates in the world still run by its founding family.  The estate was founded in the 1141 by Barone Ricasoli and  is today one of the largest estate (245 hectares) in Chianti Classico. A pioneer in Chianti Classico style of wine making, Barone Rocasoli has been setting the standard for quality for over 900 years with research and scientific experimentation and was one of the first to work with Brolio variety.

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Italian Wine Producer Spotlight: Tenuta Santa Maria Alla Pieve

Monday. 16 April. 2012. 11:26 am

A visit to Tenuta Santa Maria.

One of the vineyards we visited in Verona recently was Tenuta Santa Maria. Situation 16 kilometres east of Verona in the Colognola Ai Colli commune in the valley of Illasi, the estate belonged to the Bertani family since 1860 and dates all the way  back to the 2nd century B.C and was colonized by the Roman Empire under Emperor Claudio when the cultivation of vines was introduced.   Read more

Italian Producer Spotlight: Ferrari

Thursday. 12 April. 2012. 11:15 am

A historic producer of sparkling wines.

Cantina Ferrari is Italy’s most famous producer of sparkling wine made in the classical method. The winery is located in the Northern Italian region of Trentino. It was Giulio Ferrari’s idea and vision to make an Italian sparkling wine that could compete with French Champagne. He studied enology at the prestigious School of Viticulture in Montepellier, France and was the first to plant Chardonnay in Trentino.

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