The Verdict on Bordeaux 2012 En Primeur

Wednesday. 8 May. 2013. 10:00 am

Standout appellation and producers of Bordeaux 2012 En Primeur.

After a tempestuous year of poor weather and low yields, the critics have weighed in and noted that the Bordeaux 2012 En Primeur is surprisingly strong. Hong Kong-based Master of Wine, Jeannie Cho Lee, was pleased with what she tasted at Bordeaux. “Considering how weak rain-infected vintages can be in the past, the wines from 2012 are pleasantly good – soft, early drinking styles with charm.”

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An Introduction to Hungarian Wine

Wednesday. 20 March. 2013. 10:10 am

Eugenia talks us through an introduction to Hungarian Wines.

Ms. Helga Gál, official sommelier of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, visited Hong Kong to show us the true colours of  Hungarian Wines.

When you think of Hungarian wine, the first thing that comes into mind is their famous Tokaji Aszu.  But how much do we know of this wine country beyond their dessert wines?   The official sommelier of Hungary’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a workshop at Hotel Icon’s Vinoteca to educate wine lovers on the impressive evolution and spectrum of wines from Hungary.

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Sediments in Wine: ‘Out of School’ With Annabel Jackson

Wednesday. 31 October. 2012. 10:00 am

Annabel Jackson talks about the “bits and pieces” of wine.

In class, there’s an often extreme fascination with looking at the wine in the glass. I duly explain that the colour of the wine is the first clue as to the age and condition of the wine. Case in point, just the other day I opened a 2010 bottle of Italian Chardonnay and was immediately suspicious of the rich colour, and double-checked the vintage, expecting it to be a 2005 or thereabouts.

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Wine Tasting Vocabulary – ‘Out of School’ With Annabel Jackson

Thursday. 18 October. 2012. 12:07 pm

How to describe what you’re tasting.

There was an ill-formed question from an anxious undergrad on the fourth week of class. Essentially he was asking, “How do you do this? How do you taste?”

I think he sensed a disjoint about what we were doing in class, and what he knew he would have to produce in the tasting exam just two months away. “We have to start somewhere,” I replied.

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Vanilla Notes: ‘Out of School’ With Annabel Jackson

Thursday. 11 October. 2012. 9:45 am

Ever wondered how they get scents like vanilla into that bottle of wine?

We were tasting three Chardonnays, all New World. An unoaked. An oaked. A late harvest. Contrasting the noses of the first two, I talked of how oak treatment can lend some buttery, creamy, vanilla and nutty characters in addition to fruit; while the un-oaked bottle smelt only of quite citrusy fruit. A second-year hospitality management student wants to know, because she can clearly detect a vanilla note – “Why do they put vanilla in?”

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