Winebuzz Sensory Workshop: Identifying Wine Faults

Sunday. 23 December. 2012. 10:00 am

One of wine’s essential lessons – how to know if it’s ‘corked’.

The first things we’re asked to do when served a wine in a restaurant is to decide if the wine is in good condition. However, do we actually know how to identify a wine fault? Join us October 1 athe CS Tower for a tutored tasting. We’ll explore 10 of the most common wine aromas found in high quality as well as faulty wines.

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China’s Thirst for Wine Education Takes Off

Tuesday. 27 November. 2012. 10:00 am


Wine education takes off in China.

A massive surge in WSET students in China proves just how important wine education is becoming in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The Chief Executive of WSET, Ian Harris said, “We are now three months into our new academic year and Greater China, which includes Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau, is close to the number of students we have in the UK, our largest market to date. But, by Christmas, Greater China will probably be our biggest market”.

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Romantic Wine: “Out of School” with Annabel Jackson

Friday. 7 September. 2012. 10:30 am

A recent graduate confided that wine makes him feel too “romantic”.

He prefers to go out drinking with the boys, concentrating on hard liquor, with becoming drunk the most likely and pleasant outcome.

Another student, however, in his blind tasting exam had the following conclusion. Where normally we expect “Conclusion” to have students hazarding a guess at grape variety, the age or ageability of the wine, or suggesting a food matching option, this student found that it would be: Excellent For a First Date.

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Wine Labels: “Out of School” with Annabel Jackson

Thursday. 30 August. 2012. 10:00 am

Annabel Jackson talks about grape variety…

In the old exam, we used to have one question about a wine label. There it would be, in all its complicated splendour, and students had to indicate the name of the producer, the name of the region, and anything else which might be relevant. For example, what does Gran Reserva mean? Does it refer to the ageing protocols or is it the name of the grape?

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Monday. 13 August. 2012. 11:45 am

E-commerce wine site Slurp to venture into wine school and representation., an e-commerce and wine retailer is expanding into wine education and plans to offer classes in their Wan Chai store come October. Targeting  Mainland Chinese residents in the city, plans to offer WSET course and bring in wines from lesser known countries.


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